DJTheBaron Barons Bollocks

Im gonna start shouting if anyone will listen, wonder if this stuff will catch on...


Fucksakes this is turning into more of a wwf blog, but, i've got row 14 tickets for tomorrows Belfast Oddsey Smackdown Tour De Force show, so... yay.

Btw not that anyone or she ever reads this shite but just a word for "Auzzie Girl" to be nice and not die

Oh and i suppose another message for Sully, you suck

is that all? is it over?

fuck no its not

oh yeah and security is shite, but at least its a lot more fun to have to fill in company forms police forms talk to the police cid and forensics around 12+ times over one weekend when your only there two days, just for note, cid are like serious detective types instead of patrol cops, and if everything was going well i wouldnt actually have to deal with all of that.

um, i wanna take you to a gay bar, gay bar gay bar, u know that song, on tv? no, bah, well why the fuck have they bleeped the words war and nuclear war instead of the gay references, hamsters in felching tubes or trains going through tunnels and the like


as well as cigeretes, i encourage people to quit smoking but i dont like to watch some tv shows or music videos where it looks like the person is taking a draw from one of those people you see on crimewatch uk, which is a bit liek americias most wanted, you know people with fuzzy or blured faces in the backgkround and shit, anyway

i urge all my readers, yes my one reader, ive seen you, i know you read this crap

i urge you to go out and create some atrocity or tradgety that makes it onto the media if possible world wide, but it must be violent, and make sure theres some sort of advertising shit that leads people to shit shithole of a website, powered by my good friends at the only people in the world stupid enough ot give me a website for free with the kind of content i would put on it, PORN

I love how i startoff typing the queens english and then as i rant on it becomes very less grammoritised and educimicated

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